Care and Counseling

We live in a fallen and broken world filled with suffering, sin, and pain. While the experience of these things is common to everyone, there is uniqueness in how we experience them as individuals. Whether it’s a personal struggle or tragedy, depression, an addiction, conflict in marriage, or an issue of anger or anxiety, we desire to help you experience hope and freedom in Christ.

We believe relationships are the ideal context for care. In God’s mercy, we don’t have to face difficulties alone. He has designed healing and growth to take place in community as we walk alongside other broken people who are being redeemed. Therefore, a vital component of care at 2 Pillars Church is guiding you toward community.

Care in Community

Our Gospel Communities serve as the primary context to both receive and extend care as we seek to live out the gospel in community with others. If you are in need of counseling, we encourage you to first speak with your Gospel Community Leader.  That does not mean your Gospel Community Leader will be your counselor, but we do highly recommend keeping your Gospel Community Leader informed and involved with any issues are you also working through with a counselor. 

If you are not in a Gospel Community yet, our desire is to care for you while helping you find ways to engage in community for continued support.  For more information about Gospel Communities or to sign up for a group, visit our Gospel Community page.

Additional Care Through Counseling

While the primary avenue of care is Gospel Communities, there are certain situations where additional support may become necessary in which we would seek to connect you with either a pastor or counselor that is able to walk with you for a season to compassionately connect the truths of the gospel to the specific realities of your life.

If you are not in a Gospel Community or you feel that you need support beyond your Gospel Community, or simply have questions regarding counseling, please email

Trevor Hyatt Counselor at 2 Pillars Church

Trevor Hyatt

Counselor at 2 Pillars Church

If you have any questions or need to talk, you can reach out to Trevor below.